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Logging in for access to resources

I am uploading teaching resources to the group page, not all of which are suitable for publishing to the whole world. As a result you now need to log in to the site to see this page. I am emailing a generic login to the group, or you can register on the login page. If you need help getting access just email me.

Great gig at DSU

It was great to have so many players for this event and we sounded very professional. Lots of good feedback from the audience. Well done everyone!


Another great session this week, well done to the new players. We covered bonang ornamentation in some detail and the concept of irama. Also had a first go at bonang and saron imbal. Pieces we played:
  • Ladrang Pariwisata (slendro) in different irama and with several bonang teams
  • Srepegan pelog barang with imbal
  • Ladrang Gleyong (pelog)
See the group page for links to notation and handouts. 

First session of the term

Great to see so many new people, please keep coming back and do bring friends along too. Pieces we played:
  • Ladrang Mugirahayu (slendro) in both normal and dance styles
  • Lancaran Manyar Sewu (pelog)
  • Ladrang Babar Layar (pelog)
  • Ladrang Wilujeng (slendro)
  • Ketawang Subakastawa
See the group page for links to notation and handouts.

Freshers' Fair

Many thanks to James and Rob for manning our stall at the freshers' fair. Lots of interest so we are hoping to see a full house on Wednesday

New Year New Website

Major update to our website for the new year...

Repertoire plans for the new year

We've had some great sessions in September looking at some possible material to play this year. For the latest info see the the group page